Step #2A – Check!

Today is the first of many upcoming appointments to try out new hearing aids. Today was Phonak day but sadly, the ONLY model that fits my hearing loss and my gain goal – Naida B-UP (Naida B90 Premium) – was not on stock!


This is frustration #1 of many – for the unique hearing capabilities and gain possibilities – I only match on ONE model out of sooooooo many OTHER models by same manufacturer and it is usually not available on stock because it is not “commonly” stocked. Told ya – I ain’t your ordinary patient!

Therefore at this time of blog post, I have not had the opportunity to “try” on the Phonak Naida B90. I did not leave the audiology appointment empty handed, I received this Hearing Aid Estimate:

This estimate includes the following for EACH hearing aid:

  • 3 years manufacturer repair warranty
  • 3 year loss and damage ($275 per hearing aid deductible)
  • 3 year office visits
  • 45 days trial
  • Earmold (that swiggling silicone ear plugs in your ear attached to the hearing aid)
  • batteries accessories (if applicable)

The grand total of each hearing aid?

*drum roll*


I need 2 hearing aids so that brings up the total to $6,250

BUT that’s NOT ALL!!

Since these hearing aids are not directly Bluetooth connected as I hoped it would be, I will need an accessory to do so and its called Compilot II which is another $450

So what is my grand total?

*double drum roll*


Ok, you still here with me? You breathing so far?

Normally this would have something that my parents would have had to pay out of their own pocket when I was younger. But fortunately (or sometimes unfortunately) as we evolve in our complexity of health insurance benefits, it slowly became a limited covered benefit for many health insurances.

Good news is that I am blessed to have good health insurance to cover this. Here is the breakdown of the cost:

Hearing Aids (2) = $6,250 = Paid by insurance 100% because the last set of hearing aids were over 4 years ago (mine was over 7 years ago)

Compilot II = $450 = Paid 100% by my Flex Spending Account

That means ZERO dollars out of my pocket!

But HOLD ON! Will I choose Phonak………. or Oticon?

Ooooooh the saga continues!

That’s the next step – An appointment with another audiologist who is an Oticon dealer!


Thank you for visiting my world!

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