Step #2B – Check!

Yesterday I had a different audiologist appointment who are authorized Oticon dealer. I have been a life-long Oticon users since 6th grade, so I knew of their solid reputation of manufacturing powerful hearing aids over the years. Ironically, my current Oticon Safari hearing aids were made for children not adults. This is a testament of my aided hearing gain that I am capable of. The only model that I was very interested in was the Oticon Xceed, especially made for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

Oticon Xceed UP S1 BTE

Oticon Xceed feature Brain Hearing technology improving speech clarity by 10%, reducing listening effort by 10%, improves short term recall by 15% and providing the user:

  • 360 degrees access to speech with less effort
  • Advance noise reduction system
  • Easy wireless connectivity to many devices including ConnectClip, a discrete wireless microphone accessory
  • Oticon ON App from Apple Store or Google Play to manage hearing aids controls and monitor your hearing fitness

Once the audiologist turned on a pair of Oticon Xceed S1 UP BTE (Behind the Ear) on me, I LOVE IT! OMG – sounds were very crisp and “there”. I didn’t have to have my brain “seek” out sounds. Now to be fair, there is a significant jump in technology between my current hearing aids and these hearing aids. Therefore, much of this improvement comes from the technology gap between these 2 pairs of hearing aids.

The Oticon Xceed “fits” my brain listening abilities and I expect to be able to have access to sounds all 360 degrees which I never had to date. I look forward to being able to have a solid conversation in a busy and noisy restaurant! AND Bluetooth! I will be able to listen to all of my favorite 80s hits music and more on my iPad or Samsung Galaxy S8!

Another perk is the battery size – 675. I was never fond of the size 13 batteries (which is my current battery size) as they never lasted as long as my previous history with the 675 size batteries. Usually, 13 size batteries lasts 3-4 days compared to 5-7 days with the 675 size batteries. Also, 675 size batteries are much more commonly found in stores than size 13. Lastly, I am not fond of the rechargeable batteries because I have a habit of “forgetting” to change my batteries which my hearing aids gleefully let me know by beeping! I rather carry 675 size batteries with me everywhere I go than risk of the rechargeable battery die on me abruptly.

So it looks like I found the perfect hearing aids for me….


…. The saga continues – watch for the next blog post!