Step #2C – ON HOLD!

Yep – Sorry for the late delay in my posts. Many interactions have been happening between my insurance company, the audiology place and myself for the last month or so. At this point, my journey in acquiring the swanky new Oticon Xceed has been put on hold! Why?

Because the of the fine print of a waiver I have to sign at time of purchase with the Audiology place that states “Signing this waiver means the purchase contract will be between me and that hearing aid provider eliminating the insurance company allowed amount of the hearing aids“.

What that means is what was originally thought to be 100% covered by my insurance company is actually covered only 80% with 20% coinsurance that I HAVE TO PAY after Deductible. So redoing the calculation from Step #2B – it means I have to pay $1,975 coinsurance!

However I am not giving up – I am going to wait until later this year after I save some money and meet the deductible first before I recalculate and try again then.

So what now then? This blog continues….

…. with many other worthy stories to tell!

What stories or questions you would like to ask me as a deaf person?

No questions are little or big or dumb or smart…… Write it in the comments below!

Thank you for visiting my world!

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