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My name is Janey and I was born profoundly deaf. Over the years I have had my share of varying degrees of diversity and inclusion. I have great career successes and challenges in healthcare IT. I am now about to adventure another journey in Northern Colorado which I hope to inspire you and myself in my ongoing blog stories of diversity and inclusion.

This blog site is intended to share my journey and hopefully inspire you and the people you love to embrace our wide span of diversity and inclusion triggering constructive conversations in your and my world. No two worlds are the same and embracing our stories as each of us have stories to tell – the world would be a better place with all of us.

This blog site may include stories, memes, quotes, pictures and other media that are relevant and have been experienced in my world to share with you.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog site is a written and share documentary of my daily life as I and the world around me evolves over time in different ways and different directions.

I would be happy to share my multiple journeys to the rest of world as a speaker. Contact me at Janey@janeysworld.com, if interested.

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